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Linda who loves Barcelona Spain
said... "The sand is almost yellow.If you look well you can see Whales. It is very easy to walk a long way into the tourqouise water. SA lot of fruit tres close to the beach"

Melanie who loves Siesta Key
said... "personal reasons"

Bob Rodriguez who loves This depends on what you are looking for!
said... "The best way to find just the right beach on Cozumel is to check out "

rosie who loves boracay
said... "i love boracay because of the white sand, blue waters, and clear sky.!!!"

Laurel W. who loves Isla Mujeres
said... "I love the beaches on this island for so many reasons! The sand is the consistancy of brown sugar, but is white. There are area's with lots of shells for you collectors:) The food was to die for (especially "Pica's") the sea green water was calm and warm. But most of all, the sunset's there are AMAZING. The most beautiful i have ever seen. I can't wait to go back! "

Brianna who loves Big Sur
said... "It is great!"

Sunny who loves Cresent Beach
said... "Siesta Key is a beautiful place :)"

Barbie & Ken who loves Marconi in Wellfleet
said... "It is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore so is unspoiled "

Yethzki who loves Boracay, Philippines
said... "it soothes the soul, calm your mind and energize your body, stay up late yet feel the beat, stay up day and seek for more..."

Amanda who loves Sagamore Beach
said... "Sagamore Beach is where I live. In the summer the warm sand greets you."

Edwin Engelman who loves
said... "I've always enjoyed Monterey Bay in Califorina. Its sand so fime and makes an excelent addition to pottery glazes. I often found nice sea shells. Brings to mind that I'd like to have a bit of sand of all the beaches. The group I associate with is interested in the properties of the various beaches around the world. Would, copuld you assist me in this endeavor. Many thanks,


andreana who loves myth beach
said... "I love how the water looks so clear and beauty "

rosemary who loves carr
said... "sun vally beach in powder spring geogia "

Ashton Werty who loves Bora Bora
said... "Omg i went on spring break of 06 and we had a blast the people down there are so friendly and warmin to tourists! You here how most coutries are hostile but this was the best vacation yet!"

Linda who loves Great Yarmouth, norfolk
said... "I love this beach because it is clean and tidy. There is no rubbish. And it is nice to sit there and watch the sea come in and out. "

DuTtY iNdiAn who loves melborne beach
said... "now melborne beach is also a number one beach in my book they have lots and lots of different shells the kong shell i must of came home with about 15 really nice ones and thats located on the east coast side "

DuTtY iNdiAn who loves fort desoto park
said... "this beach had beautiful white sand and me and amy found a bunch of sand dollars first time i ever came across those before and its a big beach, park its a very romantic beach"

Samantha who loves Coronado beach!
said... "Coronado beach is the best place on the planet! "

D.Pawley who loves Ahipara (shipwreck bay) Nth Island NZ

patty york who loves popham beach
said... "i love this beach because its sweet i love maine beaches but it gets to cold i think the water is sweet"

Alex who loves Paradise Island, The Maldives
said... "This beach is by far the best beach i have ever been to... "

sahithya who loves
was here!
mr& mrs lewis spencer who loves myrtle beach
said... "i love this beach; because it is the must beautifull . it has lots of shark teeth and sea shells and we love to walk the beachs beafore dawn watch the beautifull sunrises"

Sun Lover who loves Cresent Beach on Siesta Key
said... "I have many fond memories"

Danny J. who loves Secas (Panama)
said... "White sandy beaches, Howler Monkeys, Wild Parrotts, Gin Clear 80 degree water, Coconut Palms, Saltwater Crocodile (only one but he won't bother you), Pacific Black Snook (that's a fish). This is paradise on the southern side (Pacific) of the Republic of Panama. I always hate to leave here. Danny"

Holly Selvey who loves Clearwater Beach
said... "I live in Los Angeles, where the water is dirty and cold. Clearwater Beach has warm, still, clean water and whiter, softer sand with bars/restaurants/shops along it. Go on a weekday mid-May. Weekends are more crowded. I suggest floating on your back, better than a massage, cheaper too."

sawsan who loves dead see
said... "i dont know why"

Jen who loves Tybee Island in Ga
said... "WE went to Tybee Island in Ga for our honeymoon and we fell in love with it so much we are actually thinking about moving there. It is minutes away from Savannah, Ga but once u are there it is a total getaway from the busy city life-- it is a beachlovers dream!!"

St. Tub who loves Ft. Myers Beach, FL
said... "Because the sand is white, the sky is blue, your skin is red...and to get snacks and drinks there is a great Snack Boat that anchors near the Holiday Inn cabanas.

How cool...walk / swim to food and snacks"

Denise who loves Nuevo Vallarta
said... "the surf was great!Plus, there are awesome views of the surrounding mountains. Also, if you wish, you can go horse back riding along the beach or parasailing.There are also an abundance of seashells to collect along the shoreline."

danielle hosea who loves muri lagoon
said... "it is so cool. though i haven't been there."

Super Joe who loves Panama City Beach, Florida
said... "Talk about sunsets and white sands, great fishing, golf and just plain old relaxing this town has it all and much more the Salt Water Grill one of the best places to eat on the Emerald Coast, their fish tank is amazing. "

Taylor who loves
was here!
Sasch who loves Anse Lazio, Seychelles
said... "it's a beatiful bay. there are palmtrees, white sand and e blue ocean. "

marge who loves boracay
said... "love boracay coz its simply the best...powdery white sands and lovely people"

Pete who loves Wingershier Beach
said... "I have heard about Wingershier Beach, but do not know where it is. Can anyone help me? Thanks"

Pete who loves wingershier
said... "I see photos of wingershier beach, does anyone know where it is?"